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Don’t like kids lunch boxes mostly focus on color, pattern and shape; adult lunch boxes pay more attention to functionality. Usually, they are somewhat nerdy, just a normal box made of stainless steel or glass. You might wonder, is there any cool looking lunch boxes for adult. The answer is yes, take a look at the 7 Cool Lunch Boxes we presented in the post, they are functional and coming with styles.

If you pack a lunch, odds are you’re going one of two paths: the (wasteful) disposable bag, or some sort of grade school lunchbox. They are practical, but why not give a chance to those stylish and eco-friendly lunch bags presented below? These modern lunch bags combines designs, functions and safe materials with features perfect for stowing your favorite food, drink and utensils and stylish enough for most people to carry too.

The lunch box, also referred to as a lunch pail or lunch kit, has most often been used by schoolchildren to take packed lunches, or a snack, from home to school. Selecting a lunchbox that will stand up to the rigors of childhood and endure throughout the entire school year is important for your kids. Take a look at today’s collection: 11 Cute and Useful Lunch Boxes. Made of stainless steel, BPA free plastic or thermal materials, these lunch boxes coming with different style and pattern are good for your kids and yourself as well.