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These miniature book lamps can either clip onto your book or e reader so you can indulge your late-night reading habits without disturbing others or straining your eyes. With a surprisingly bright LED luminescence and adjustable angle fitment, they are as useful as they are cute.

Chandeliers are simply one of the most glamorous features or centerpieces you can have in your house or place of work - and in more than just one room. When you discover the great variety of simply beautiful yet practical products, you may consider that to have an appropriate chandelier will complement not just your main reception room or entrance hall, but many other rooms of your home and create a perfect light setting and ambiance throughout. There are so many options around the market, like crystal chandeliers, antique-style chandeliers, contemporary or rustic chandelier… Here, we rounded up a collection of 14 Beautiful and Stylish Chandeliers. Hope you enjoy it and can help add some eye-catching style to your home furnishings.

Light bulb, a simple household item that has been with us for generations and almost be forgotten by the the abundance of contemporary lighting. Today, we will explore stick to its basic shape and present you with 12 Creative and Unusual Inspired by it. Hope you will like them.