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For some reason, industrial designers like to use leaf-shape in their creation. There are many creative and beautiful designs around it. Maybe people just love to have some fresh and nature related things besides them to enlight their life. Take a look at the 5 Beautiful Leaf Shaped Products in this post, and find more on our previous post - cool leaf inspired designs.

Leaf, as a ordinary creation of nature mother is always overlook. But for some creative designers, leaf is as important as flower. They made many interesting and cool designs around leaf, which take advantage of its own feature, like the leaf cable tie, leaf doorstop and leaf plate. Let’s take a look at those beautiful leaf inspired designs and bring some nature into your place. 1. Design Ideas Soap Leaves [amazon]

Most of us love flower, but we have to admit without leaves, flower won’t be that beautiful. And just like flower, there are various leaves in different color and shapes. For some people, they even love leaves than flower. And today, we will bring you 10 Beautiful Leaf Shaped Product Deigns, from jewelry to tableware, from wedding gift to wall art. Hope you like them.