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With the invention of dryer, clothespins are used less and less for hanging wet washing, especially when you live in city. However, there are still many people prefer the traditional ways to dry their clothes. In this case clothespins are necessary. Here we handpicked 5 Cool and Fun Clothespins which are more charming than the ordinary peg. With those interesting shapes and characters, they are not only perfect for your wet washing but also memos, crafts and photos.

No matter you live alone or with family, you need to do laundry, once a week, twice a week or till you run out of your clothing. Almost each family needs a laundry hamper/basket/bag to hold their dirty clothing. when you need to sort your laundry according to color and material, multiple bags come with handy; when you don’t have washing machine at home, wheels are convenient for you to move your laundry in the building; but when you have to do your laundry outside, a bag/hamper with Carrying Straps will help. There are so many types laundry hamper, hope you can find something for your home.