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For most of people, the first time they used computer is also the first time they used keyboard. It just like these two cannot be separated. Even in these days when touch screen becomes more and more popular, keyboard still is considered as most convenient inputting device, especially, when you have a lot to input. Since it is so important, Keyboard makers have been doing some brilliant work in recent years, not only are they feature packed, they also look cool. Here, we have 13 Cool keyboard designs, from tablet keyboard, to smart phone keyboard, from rolling keyboard to solar-powered wireless keyboard. Hope you enjoy this collection.

If you are a fan of superman, you got to love this post where we rounded up 15 superman themed products. Key Chain, Belt Buckle, Mouse, Keyboard, watch, earning… our superman just appears wherever he is needed. (lol)

A bag, a shoe, a snack ? a keyboard for every geek. There are 11 unusual keyboard inspired products in this post, all proof of human imagination and advanced technology today. Interesting and funny accessories, sweet and delicious food, creative and unusual concept, Smash forehead on keyboard to continue?