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This is our last topic of folding inspired product designs in this week and we will talk about folding furniture. In these days, folding furniture is not only designed for save-spacing and portability, but also are given some extra bonus - transformer. Yes, transforming from one thing to another after folding, such as mirror to table, painting to shelf…

We have seen some creative folding electronics design in previous post. Today, we will continue our folding exploration and present you 8 folding inspired Transport Design. Talking about folding transport, the first thing comes into my mind is folding bike… However, bike is not the only thing can be folded… skateboard, car, Kayak, truck and even plane also can also be folded.

We have been seeing lots of folding inspired design in our life, for example: folding chair, folding bicycles… But in today’s post, we will present you with some special folding things, which we might not think they are foldable, like keyboard, mouse. Some of them are still concepts, but I am looking forward for the day when they can come true.