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If you are a fish lover and want to have some fish as pets, the first thing you need to have is a place for your fish. It can be a simple fish bowl or some super customized aquarium, which totally depends on your budgets. In this post, we rounded up 9 Cool Aquariums which can be placed on your table, your floor , your wall or be part of your furniture like coffee table and headboard. Sounds interesting? Just take a look.

Koi happen to be one of the most beautiful ornamental fish species out there today. These fish are beautiful creatures and now they have mystery and symbolism associated with them as well. In China, they are associated with having good fortune and in Japan, they are the symbol of loyalty, friendship, and even love. Hence, you will find a lot of Asian decoration and design in the shape of Koi. In this post, we rounded up 10 Koi Fish Inspired Products and hope you like them.