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Continue our last topic, we will introduce some more Zebra Print Inspired Products. Yeah, this print is so popular that you can not only see it on the furniture, bedding and curtain, but also on accessories like towels, bags, apron and phone cases. For me, the zebra print looks much nicer on those small items instead of occupying the whole bed or curtain. But anyway, here is our another 12 products inspired by zebra print. Hope you enjoy.

If you are an animal lover, it?s time you insert an animal print to the beauty of your interior. There are many pattern of animal print is viewed with one raised eye-brow, ranging from animals zebra, leopard, tiger and many others to celebrate the diversity of the natural world. And one of the favorites is zebra print. A fun way to add whimsy to every type of decor, zebra print is popping all over the place. On bedding, pillow curtain, chair, lamp, coffee table, trunk. And with its neutral colors, zebra print is easier to incorporate than you may think. Go ahead, add a little stripe to your life!