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Part of any responsible weight loss or fitness program should involve picking out an accurate scale to monitor results. Nowadays, the bathroom scale can not only tell you how much you weight, but also provide some bonus function like body fat recall, body water and muscle mass recall. You even can monitor your weight and fat mass on your iphone. Besides those multifunctional ones, We also included some sleek and modern but simple scale for those who are only interested in their weight.

People who prepare foods in their home kitchen usually need a scale to aid them in following recipes, but no one wants another large appliance that clutters the work area, or costs them too much. In this post, we will present you with 17 well designed Kitchen Scales, which can help you weight your food in different measures. Some of them also come with bonus functions like nutritional calculator, food storage, clock and timer. Just thought that would also be a great gift for food-loving friend of you.