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Still get upset of losing your lens cap and worry about you can’t get enough protection for your expensive lens. With a one-size-fits-all design, KUVRD Universal Lens Cap takes the confusion and guesswork out of protecting your lenses.

The Smart iReach is your fashionable, portable, wireless, and Snapchat-compatible solution for better smartphone photos. Designed in the United States by SmarTech Products, the Smart iReach was created to solve frustrations with capturing ideal selfies, group selfies, photos and videos with your smartphone-and to create a stylish alternative that is easy to carry & so simple use.

Want Add another dimension to your photography? Try Lensball Spherical Crystal Lens.

Featuring K9 crystal, this glass ball will literally turn your world upside down. The ultra-clear sphere reflects the view around you but flipped 180°. Because it captures all of your surroundings, you can actually focus on the Lensball and produce a beautifully creative composition.