Lensball: Capture a World with this Spherical Crystal Lens

Want Add another dimension to your photography? Try Lensball Spherical Crystal Lens.

Featuring K9 crystal, this glass ball will literally turn your world upside down. The ultra-clear sphere reflects the view around you but flipped 180°. Because it captures all of your surroundings, you can actually focus on the Lensball and produce a beautifully creative composition. Coming in two sizes: Lensball Pro ( 80mm | 650gr), which is perfected in size to offer the highest quality picture, and Lensball Pocket ( 60mm | 250gr) for people who are always on the move. The Lensball works with all cameras as well as smartphones.

Finally, it comes with its microfiber carrying pouch which can be used to keep the Lensball clean and can take it on all of your adventures.


Price: Lensball Pocket:  24.99 USD  |  Lensball Pro:  34.99 USD

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