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Most iPhone users will choose various protection case for their phones. The reason is quite simple - no one want to worry about a costly drop. A bulk phone case usually work but how to have a slim case which can provide similar protection is even better.

The Smart iReach is your fashionable, portable, wireless, and Snapchat-compatible solution for better smartphone photos. Designed in the United States by SmarTech Products, the Smart iReach was created to solve frustrations with capturing ideal selfies, group selfies, photos and videos with your smartphone-and to create a stylish alternative that is easy to carry & so simple use.

If you are big fan of batman and happen to own an iPhone, then you should check this crazy/cool Batmobile Tumbler iPhone 5 Protective Case. Just like Tumbler that helps protect Gotham City, this case will provide its best protection to iPhone users. Equipped with 6 LED lights, two of them will notify you of an incoming call, and it even project a a crystal clear Bat signal. iPhone 5 with batmobile case, what a fabulous combination!

Using aluminum 2-piecs edge-to-edge engineering, it showcases the look and feel of your iPhone. It features eight different protection mechanisms with the latest technology. unique 2-piece hinged case absorbs shock while releasing energy. Vihoo then lines the entire case with super-dense cushioning impact pads-all while your phone lies on a cushion of air.

This Fitness band includes 14 sports modes, which can count the daily steps, calorie counter and distance. Adopting the advanced heart rate technology, keeping knowing your heart-rate during workouts. It also monitors your sleep quality and telling you how well and how long you sleep during the night. Moreover, the numerous Alarm Alerts can silently vibrates you to wake up without disturbing the one sleep besides you. You can also connect it to your phone’s GPS to see real-time run or walk states like pace and distance and record a map of your workout route.