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Collecting corks helps you hang onto the memories of great occasions and cherished wines, marking your consumption in decorative style! Just drop your treasured wine corks in below gorgeous cork holder to show off your collection; or transform them into useful but personalized Cork Trivet; or make some unique wall art out of them. Take a look at those Beautiful Cork Holders and hope you find it as a fun and innovative way to keep and cherish all of your wonderful wine corks.

Ask a chef about what s/he does with his/her pots…. a good one will say “It’s not what you do with your pot, it’s where you put your lid!” Isn?t it frustrating when your pot lid is nowhere to be found? It is stressful and time consuming. Nothing compares to a well maintained kitchen and your pot lids should have an appropriate organizer. In this post, we will present you with 11 Innovative and Useful Lid Organizers, from mounting on wall to rolling out from cabinet, from hanging from ceil to clipping on the pot. There are so many lid organizer designs which can meet your different needs, not matter for cooking or storing.