Want you Own Flavored Pie? How about a Personal Pie?

People have different taste about pie: some people like sweet, others prefer savory. If all the people in your house have the same kind of taste, then it will be fine to have a large pie with same filling. But the chance like that are quite rare. Making or buying different flavored large pie at most time is not a good option. But with the Personal Pie Maker, you can make 4 individual pies with different filling easily.

It is pretty simple to use. With the help of included pastry cutter, you can cuts the pastry tops and bases to perfectly fit into the pie mold (4-inch diameter). After placing pastry bases into mold, you can add desired pie fillings then add the top. After several minutes, your very own pie will be ready for you to enjoy. Quite a useful tool for a mother has kids with various request or a considerate host want to entertain many guests.

Price: 70.60 USD