Cusinium Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Want to have café like cold brews from the comfort of your home and at a significantly lesser cost? Give Cusinium Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker a try. The cold brew coffee can avoid the harshness of hot coffee yet get the kick while enjoying other health benefits of it. Moreover, it can significantly reduces the bitterness and acidity of the hot coffee. The 0.40mm mesh size is observed to result in incredible brews – neither too fine to hamper the brewing and nor too coarse. Besides all the features that help you to brew a prefect coffee, the package also comes with a thoughtful bonus – 2-in-1 ‘Scoop & Clip’ spoon. You can now Scoop coffee grounds without spilling & can even seal the coffee bag to retain your expensive coffee’s freshness, flavours and aroma for way longer.

Price: 35.99 USD

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