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To keep your party food, dipping chilled and fresh for hours, you need the help for the chillers. In this post, we rounded up 9 different chillers, such as iced buffet, iced platter, iced serving bowl, tray on ice, which can be filled with cubed or crushed ice at the bottom to keep food chilled and tasty. They can be used for various of food like, salads, pasta, rolls, dipping, fruit, cold cuts, relishes, seafood and even sushi.

Chill on Demand during Parties, entertaining, when unexpected guests arrive, or when you desire a cold bottle at a moments notice. In this post, we will present you with 12 Cool and Stylish Wine Chillers, which not only chill your wine properly, but also provide an attractive display on your table. Some high-tech chiller also provides with temperature and timer control, which give your more flexibility during chilling. So, hope you can enjoy this post as same as enjoy a well chilled wine.