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Are you ready to pack your backpack and prepare for launch! The jetpack backpack is great for flying around wherever you go, from the shop, to orbiting the park. The backpack has plenty of space for all your missions and for storing the essentials for launch-time.

Japanese is famous for the “creative” idea. Sometimes, they will design something easily amazed people while sometimes, you might think that is a bit too over. Just like the lettuce notepad in this article. I am quite speechless when saw this product. This unconventional notepad can’t fit any of my requirement for notepad.

Back to school has officially started and I bet many of you have already started preparation. Everyone has their own needs and when I was a student, I always wanted a new pen case! It is a kind of addiction, but a nice pen case is always on the top of my list.

Sushi Roll or Sticky Tape? Sounds like a bizarre question right? But you will fully understand when you look at this set of playful paper tapes by SUCK UK, because it looks just like everyone’s favourite Japanese delicacy. Whether you know your maki from your temaki, or your sashimi from your nigiri.