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Stay cool and comfortable even on the hottest summer days with the Mister Breeze Umbrella! This innovative product provides UVA and UVB blocking protection from the sun, as well as a powerful downward-directed fan that covers a larger area than any other handheld fan. With the built-in mister, you’ll feel even cooler and more refreshed.

The Mister Breeze Umbrella is a must-have for anyone attending music festivals, beach outings, or any other outdoor summer activity. And now, with its second-generation design, the umbrella is rechargeable, so you can enjoy cool breezes and mist all day long.

Want to have a patio umbrella but without enough space? This cool new Wall-Mount Umbrella is a space-saving.

This 7 foot diameter patio umbrella that can be mounted on the wall and features a foldable, telescopic stand, a durable aluminum frame, and an air-vented and tiltable canopy made with a UV protection & water resistance fabric.

Due to the lock-down, many countries still not open their beach and water park, which means the summer water fun might not happen this summer. Although we can’t build a water park at the backyard, but if you happen to have a yard, you can still have the water fun with the help of this Giant Pink Elephant who can spray a glorious drizzle of water from its lovely curvaceous trunk.

Even though there are tons of bags on the market for “Everyday Carry” we didn’t feel there were any bags out there for “Everyday Adventure”. We wanted a bag that could hold all our modern day tech-essentials but also keep up with our active lifestyle. We wanted to create a bag that could be worn anywhere; KP Sling - The Best Everyday Adventure Bag; Keep All Your Valuables Safe; Crafted in Every Detail. High-Quality Hardware; 100% Weather-Resistant Fabric and Zippers;