S’More To Love Six-S’More Maker

You won’t have to go through the pain and smoke of a campfire when you use to prepare your s’more on this S’More To Love Six-S’More Maker. S’mores make a delicious treat for any outdoor picnic or camping trip and this product will make it easy for you to prepare those treats in an easy and hassle-free way. The maker is capable of preparing your treats in under five minutes and will guarantee that ultimate perfectly toasted delicious graham-cracker-chocolate-marshmallow treat in just five minutes. You can use it on ovens as well as grills. The set includes a wire basket with six s’more pockets that makes it easy to prepare them and serve them as well. Heading for a BBQ or a camping trip? Don’t forget to leave this amazing s’more maker behind.

Price: 10.43 USD

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