Shaped Boiled Egg Mold: Turn Your Boiled Egg into a Heart

No matter how tight your post-holidays budget is, the Valentine’s day is approaching to us. An expensive gift is nice but sometimes a little some handmade stuff might be even better. The Eggspress Heart-Shaped Boiled Egg Mold from Mustard is something you definitely need if you’re planning for a breakfast in bed kind of deal for Valentine’s Day.

This heart-shaped boiled egg mold can turn your boiled egg into a perfect heart with the yellow yolk in the center of the white egg heart around it. No other breakfast can say, “I love you” in quite the same way. That’s more work for sure, but just check how good these heart-shaped egg look! It is diffidently worth a try, especial on some special day like Valentine’s Day.

Also, here are some tips of how to use the mold:

  • Boiled egg and work with them when they’re still hot but not so hot
  • Peel that egg under some cold water so you can handle it
  • Pop it in the mold straight away
  • Put the mold in a cup of cold water or fridge
  • Wait for around 10 minutes

Price: 3.40 USD

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