REVO Party Barge for Your Stress-free Party

If you ever host at home, you will how messy it usually ends up. Bottles, ice, bowls, cups and dishes can easily drive people away being host. But is there any way to make gatherings more festive and stress-less? REVO Party Barge might be your answer. As an all-in-one beverage tub, ice bucket, and food display REVO Party Barge is an efficient, fun, and stylish way of keeping your food and drinks organized so that the only thing you have to do is enjoy your party. The Barge is quite spacious,larger enough for 39 bottle beverages or 18 bottles of wine. Coming with three individually insulated compartments, which means you can store hot food right next to ice and without any worry. The Barge also provides two double condiment trays that are large enough to fit your favorite dips. Furthermore, the included aluminum ice scoop turns any compartment into a giant ice bucket.

Already sounds good? The company even designed a fancy LED light cubes for this barge with three flashing speed. The FDA approved clear acrylic shell is sealed with freezable gel inside and is submersible safe in beverages. When mixed in with ice, the light cubes provide a very nice effect and help provide visibility.

Like it? You can reserve one on Kickstarter for $119, but only until January 28, 2018. Delivery will be in February 2018.

Price: 119 USD