Oopsie Daisy Baby Planter: One of the Creepiest Planter You Might Ever See

Personally, I have a mixed feeling for dolls and somehow, these dead eyes and blank expressions dolls keep reminding me of some scary movies. Apperantly, many people shared my feeling while some of them take advantage of it and create some creepy planters. Handmade by Etsy artist KattSplat and made of clay, glaze, luster and slipcast, these newborns landed right side down and have become the perfect planter for succulents and other small plants. Look at these creepy face and cracked head, the artist even dyed their eyes in four different colors: demon red, zombie green, ghost white, or silver bullet. Put any of these planter at your home, it will definitely be the topic and get all attentions from who ever see it.

Price: 45.00 USD