Kitty Power Paws Sphere: The Ultra Fun Toy for Your Cat

It is always delightful to see cat play and you will find it is more enjoyable to see your furry friends play with Kitty Power Paws Sphere. Produces by Tassel, the paw sphere provides a dedicated place for scratching and stretching, alleviating destructive behavior to household objects. The sphere is made of durable jute rope, which hard-wearing and can stand up to even the feistiest of felines. The sphere shape also provides additional opportunities for jumping and pouncing while the feather tipped tassel at top also engages your cat in play. Standing at 13 inches tall, the Kitty Power Paws Sphere is ideal for kittens as well as cats. Lastly, although with all these cat-centric features, the Kitty Power Paws Sphere will still seamlessly integrate into your interior and make your place look good.

Price: 30.50 USD

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