Cube Tube: Chill Without the Spill

There are so many ice cube trays on the market and you always surprisingly find, there is a new design coming. Most of them focus on shapes, which give us some funky shape ice cube. While some of them pay attention to function, like the one featured here.

This unique vertical ice cube tray eliminates the middle ground of water spillage between filling the tray and placing it in the freezer. Just fill the tube with water, insert the divider, seal and freeze -no spills. Once frozen, you just whack the flexible bottom against a hard surface to crack the ice then it allows you to easily drop one cube into your drink at a time as you slide out the divider. Besides all those good parts, there is one more thing I like this design – it seal the ice inside a container instead of exposing it in the refrigerator directly.

Price: TBD