Creative and Playful Kids’ Beds

With the help of designers from Mathy by Bols, kids might have more fun when spend the night on the bed. Right now, they have three types of beds: a tent, caravan, and cabin, which are a perfect combination of sleeping quarters and playhouse that demonstrate “creativity, versatility, and flexibility.” As their name suggested, the tent bed just looks like a tent, which a flap that can be swing up and down. It is designed to give some kind of outdoor camping experience. The caravan bed, shaped like a modern trailer or car, has playful cutouts that allow the child to peek outside and the parents to peek inside. As for the cabin bed, made out of playfully uneven planks, just like a little tree-house you will find in the forest. How cute it will be if you complete the bed with the tree-shape shelf just like phooe below. Except the cabin bed, there are storage room underneath the bed which can even be treated like an extra trundle bed. Quite interesting design!

Price: 1,700.00 USD ~ 3,400.00 USD

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