Bluelounge Sanctuary4: A Power Nap for Your Devices

Smart phone, tablet, iPod, there are so many devices around but they just don’t share the same port always. Moreover, leave your device here and there doesn’t seem like a good habit. Hence, we need a place to rest our devices and power up them – charging station is invented under such background. There are many options on the market and the Bluelounge Sanctuary4 is one of our favorites.

Sanctuary4 includes four USB ports so you can use the cables that come with your devices. The 4-amps of power will charge your devices simultaneously with plenty of power to get a full charge with zero drag. In the office, living room, bedroom or kitchen, Sanctuary4 gives you a hub to gather and charge your devices in one place, with a timeless design that seamlessly integrates into any setting.

Price: 54.58 USD

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