3 Cool Ice Tray and Ice Mold Designs

Just when you think ice trays have reached the pinnacle of design, along comes these cool new designs. From the super cute frozen peas to a bit scary ice shark, now you can enjoy your cold beverage with some new adds-on. Let’s take a look at these cool new designs.… Read More

Super Cool Duvet Sets for Kids

If your child dreams of being a brave firefighter, an smart astronaut or a beautiful princess, then they’d love to sleep in below duvet cover sets, which can make their dream come very soon. High quality photograph is printed on duvet and cover to make the beddings look like a real suit/dress for firefighter, astronaut or princess. … Read More

Cool Watering Can for Efficiently Plant Watering

Using a watering can is a good way to save water when you’re watering outdoor plants and essential for indoor plants. They should not only have enough capacity but also easy to carry and pour. Different from the usual, boring watering cans, here we have some cool looking ones to help you grow your garden playfully and stylishly. … Read More

Cool Clocks Designs from Kikkerland

In the digital world, we can find time almost anywhere – phone, computer and home appliances. However, there is still a large amount need of clock(wall clock or desk clock). Because those well designed clocks can not only provide us with time, but also a great decoration to space. Collected here three unique clocks from Kikkerland, each of them has a unusual time reading method and cool looking. … Read More

Bolt: No More “My battery is dying” Moment

Life is so much better with smartphone, except when you comes to the “My battery is dying” Moment. That is the reason there are so many portable batteries on market for smartphone charging, some phone cases even have built-in battery. Bolt is one of the best portable battery as those designs. As the world’s smallest portable battery backup and wall charger combined, It is designed to replace the standard wall charger for any phone as well as charge your Iphone, Samsung or any mobile device.… Read More

4 Fun and Cute Egg Molds

Feel tired every morning? How about starting your day with a fried side of fun! Take a look at the 4 egg molds presented in this post. With the help of those cool mold, you can easily turn egg into attractive egg art. Skull, owl, gun or sun, which shape you want?… Read More

4 Abnormal Products Shaped Like Boobs

Please forgive us if you find this post annoying. We actually pretty speechless when find so many boob shaped products online. If you never see any of them, you might take a look these less serious designs. … Read More

4 Interesting Squirrel Feeder Designs

If you feed the squirrels, why not laugh at them at the same time? With below 4 Interesting Squirrel Feeders, you can feed squirrels and as well as enjoy the the eating show. Clever squirrels love those challenges and looking for their food, they will forget all about your bird feeders!… Read More

Two Beautiful Wall Planters to Create a Hanging Garden

Up in the air. Suspended high in the sky, wall Planter allows you to grow an indoor garden almost anywhere in the house. Fill these with air plants, succulents, moss or just cutting flowers, you can easily create your own small spheres of botanical wonder. Here are have two beautiful wall planters, glass or ceramic, coming with different dimension. Use one or arrange several in a group. So are you ready to create your own hanging garden?… Read More

7 Creative and Unusual Bookends Design

Even with all the digitization these days, most of us still have some books at home. To keep them in order, bookend is something helpful. Almost any object can be turned into a bookend. However, you can find some really cool and creative bookends, which will not only hold your books, but works as a great assert to your home decoration or provides some bonus function other than a bookend. Here are 6 ideas for cool homemade bookends to get you started. … Read More

9 Coolest Ice Cube Trays for the Hot Summer

Hot weather is finally here and ICE COLD drinks are now a requirement for living! There is nothing wrong with our normal ice cube, but why not try some cool and fun ice cube to freshen up your drinks? Here we round up 9 Coolest Ice Cube Trays and now is time to rock out in the summer sun with an ice cold beverage.… Read More

Useful and Cool Food Storage for Your Convenience

Food storage is useful to keep your food fresh and organized while storage options are not all alike. Introduce color and convenience into your kitchen and kitchen shelves with our selection of food storage. Let’s create a stylish, unique and … Read More